Algeciras, information about this popular destination in Spain by the AFRICA MOROCCO LINK company.


The Moroccan side of Andalusia

The starting point for an entire adventure both in Spain and Morocco

Algeciras is the largest city at Gibraltar Bay and one of the largest and most important port in Europe.

It is an industrial city with a genuine port atmosphere, located in the eastern end of the Algeciras Bay, across from Gibraltar. Due to its geographic situation, it has always been an important maritime centre, both in strategic and commercial terms, offering complete control of the Straits.

Algeciras is a typical port city, but its rich Andalusian past offers visitors choices of adventure and activities. The region of Algeciras is perfect for outdoor activities. A visit to Plaza Alta, the commercial part of the city, is definitely a must. Also, enjoy some strolling around in the city to uncover hidden gems. The Castle ruins, symbolic churches and squares are waiting to be explored.

Keep in mind that the city has also several parks of great beauty, where you can relax and enjoy the sunny weather while having a traditional snack.



Hidden from public view in the shade of the unsightly oil refinery is the hidden city of Carteia, which roots go back almost 3000 years to the Phoenician times. There are many impressive elements of the city. Still, those that stand out are the remarkable remains of a Temple with 8 meter high walls, an entire bath complex, humble houses and Grand Villas, and the almost-complete Roman Sacrificing Altar situated just outside the temple.

In order to get to know more about the history of the city, make a visit in the Algeciras Municipal Museum which takes you on an interesting journey all the way from the city’s distant past, its prehistoric culture through the Roman, Phoenician, Byzantine, Moorish and Visigoth periods to the modern-day Algeciras of what it is today.

Algeciras is also a base for day trips to Gibraltar. It has many historic buildings and attractions waiting to be explored. Do not miss the chance to visit the famous Rock of Gibraltar, only 10 kilometers away from the city center and explore the Moorish Castle on the top of the Rock. It is a medieval fortification and undoubtedly one of Gibraltar’s most iconic structures. The ‘Tower of the Homage’ is all that remains of the original building that initially commenced in the 8th century and it displays the battle scars inflicted during the various sieges.



Every city has an identifiable landmark which represents that city. Plaza Alta seems to be a prominent landmark of Algeciras, representing the city in its own beautiful way. This is one of the major activity centers in Algeciras, surrounded by dozens of shops, restaurants and cafes. It’s a charming little square with a beautiful mosaic fountain in the middle completed with mosaic walls around the square, making for a great leisure spot.

And of course, the must-do activity of Algeciras is to catch the AML ferry to Morocco! A day trip to Tanger will give you the chance to experience a literally different world. This North African gem sits over the Mediterranean and feels like an exotic dream.