Thinking about travelling with your pet? 

AML provides facilities for a comfortable crossing for you and your pet.

Pets may only travel if accompanied by a passenger. Onboard the vessels there are a number of kennels available, upon request from the reception desk.
Owners or guardians should have their pet’s valid health documents while travelling and all certificates required by the authorities of Spain and Morocco (EU citizens are additionally required to have their EU Pet Passport) and follow all entry regulations. For all cats, dogs and ferrets a valid rabies immunization document is mandatory.

Pets are not allowed indoors (bars, restaurants and other public areas).
While walking on the open decks, pets are required to wear a muzzle and be on a leash, accompanied by the pet owner or guardian.
The pet owner or guardian is held fully responsible for the care, safety and hygiene of the pet and for adhering to all laws and regulations related to the above.
Furthermore, pet owners are solely responsible for any possible harm or damage caused by their animals to any third party.
Excluded from the above mentioned restrictions are animals that guard and assist people with disabilities that may accompany their owners.
Owners must hold the appropriate certificates for these animals.