Seville, information about this popular destination in Spain by the AFRICA MOROCCO LINK company.


Uncovering Seville’s local experience

History, culture and the relaxed authentic Andalucian lifestyle

Seville is the capital of Andalusia and a city full of architectural and historical attractions. In Seville, the tourist experience embraces the visitor from the first moment and joins them with quality during their whole stay.

It is not only the fourth largest city in Spain, but also contains the quintessence of flamenco, tapas and of course its amazing architecture!

Seville has something for everyone, great Catholic monuments, historic buildings and great tapas bars at the enchanting old neighbourhoods. Stunning, sun-washed plazas and shady alcoves of orange trees line the streets alongside energetic courtyards filled with cafes, bars, historic buildings and street-performers, inviting tourists and locals alike to rejoice in an air of vibrant community.

Whether you're into sport, nature, history, architecture, food, or a party-centric vacation, the Pearl of Andalusia is the top destination for you!



You can't go to Seville without taking a trip to the Alcazar of Seville; the oldest palace in use in Europe. Originated in the 11th century as a fortress built by the Moors who then ruled that part of Spain. This UNESCO architectural gem remembers the times of Arabic influences in Seville. In later years, it has been rebuilt according to the architectural styles of the successors, making it one of the most diverse and unique architectural structures in Spain.

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Seville's Catholic church, is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, built on the site of a former mosque; it is known to symbolize the triumph of the Christian faith over Islam. Its construction started in 1401 and lasted for over 100 years, fulfilling the design team's motto: "Let us build a temple so large that those who see it in all its glory will state that we have lost our senses."

The Seville Cathedral hides one more attraction, the beautiful Tomb of Christopher Columbus, a simple but imposing marble sarcophagus said to house the remains of the Western world's most famous explorer. Transported to Seville from Cuba in 1899, it is held on the shoulders of four representatives of the regions of Spain.



The undeniable heart of Seville and one of the most glorious of Seville's attractions is Plaza de Espana, a building complex from the 1929-1930 world exhibition. The semicircular square is surrounded by beautiful galleries, the Palacio Español ocher, and water canals where you can rent a boat and sail through the round canal. In addition, you'll be able to walk across four bridges of the channel, which refer to the famous Venetian bridges and symbolize the four ancient kingdoms of Spain.

Your strolling around the city will lead you to the famous, historic, and charming Jewish quarter of Seville; Santa Cruz is a labyrinth of narrow passages and quaint plazas just waiting to be explored. Yet, it has retained its cultural heritage and alleyways lined with bars and restaurants and quirky street art pieces. Take a break to savor the sweet life in Seville with a gastronomy tour, from traditional tapas and wine to classic Andalusian dishes that explode with flavor every bite!

Simply put, no trip to Seville is complete without witnessing its world-famous flamenco show. The passionate, soulful dance form is not just for tourists; it’s an important part of the city’s cultural identity and has been passed down through generations since Seville was first colonized centuries ago by Spanish conquistadors.

Choose from dinner shows or a more formal theater setting like the Triana Flamenco Theater to end up your exploration!