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Strolling around Granada

The Moorish past meets the Andalusian charm

Granada is one of the most well-known cities in Spain, as it has one of the most fascinating histories and cultures in entire Spain! Its history dates back in the Middle Ages when it was established as a Moorish outpost. The rich history and cultural scene have led to plenty of attractions that you shouldn't miss.

Located in the foothills of the famous Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada was a key city in the Moorish empire and the last Moorish stronghold in Andalusia. This beautiful city features a complex mix of Catholic, Moorish, and even gypsy history.



In Granada, you can find a UNESCO World Heritage site, called the Alhambra. The Alhambra is not only Granada's and Andalusia's biggest tourist attraction but also one of the most-visited spots in entire Spain, with more than 2 million visitors every year. It is also called "Red Palace" and it was built in the 13th century by Moorish rulers to serve as their residence. It covers more than 140,000 square meters, and it is a complex of palaces, the Alcazaba castle, and the Generalife that used to be the sultans' summer residence.

You may wander around the old ramparts at Alcazaba castle and admire the foundations of the ancient building, with the Alcazaba tower being the best spot to witness the fantastic views over Granada and the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Generalife is without doubt the highlight of the Alhambra. It was a Moorish-style palace built for Alhambra residents to spend the hot Andalusian summer days, and it is easy to see why in a walk! Lush gardens, narrow paths alongside the flowerbeds, and fountains create real heaven!

To learn more about the city's story, visit the Cathedral located in the center of the Old Town. Catholic kings decided to build this Cathedral during the 16th century, and although it took over 180 years , it's still not entirely finished. This is why it is an architectural mix of renaissance, baroque and Gothic styles and a must-visit attraction! Moreover, in the inside you can admire unique sculptures and El Greco paintings lining the walls.



Right across the Alhambra, you can find the Albaicin neighborhood, the oldest quarter of the city, also part of the UNESCO World Heritage, with the Arab and Moorish past to be obvious in every corner. Albaicin is a captivating place to explore, with tiny winding streets that snake their way between the old buildings, shops, and restaurants. Head to the Mirador San Nicolás, its most popular square, and admire the stunning views of the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada mountains, especially during sunset.

Wish to dive more into Granada's culture? Take a walk to Plaza Bib-Rambla and become an active part of the city's social life. Great bars, restaurants, cafes, and lively shopping streets with many stores will make the visit memorable. Spend some time at the local restaurants and taste traditional tapas and the finger-licking good chocolate churros.

Finally, keep in mind that the Sierra Nevada mountains shouldn't be missed! During the wintertime, it is a perfect ski resort, but throughout the rest of the year, it is a great place to go hiking, mountain biking, climbing, or paragliding. Give it a try!