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The getaway to Morocco

Explore the multicultural heritage in the Strait of Gibraltar

Tangier seems like just another coastal town at first glance, but this bustling port city has much more to offer than what meets the eye. It is situated on the Maghreb coast, which leads to the precise point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea.

It's known for its hip nightlife and its sandy beaches on both sides of town, which are great spots for sunbathing and swimming. If you're looking for excitement, take a stroll through Tangier's Medina, an old part of town that is full of small shops, souvenir stands and a variety of places to try some traditional Moroccan food.



Like any other Moroccan city, Tangier has its own stunning Medina, with narrow alleyways that seem like a labyrinth. The Medina of Tangier is one of Africa's most beautiful and vibrant. Located right below the cliff toward the ocean, it features small winding streets lined with local shops, atmospheric cafes and restaurants.

The Kasbah Museum is also located in the Medina. It's definitely worth visiting as you will be able to admire the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea while figuring out the history of Tangier. The entrance to the Kasbah is via the Medina wall, and as you pass through you're led to a large courtyard where you can find the Dar el-Makhzen Palace, which operates as a museum today, however once it was the residence of the sultan. The palace was built in the 17th century and enlarged by each reigning sultan.

Another beautiful place in Tangier is the Grand Mosque. It was built in 1310 by Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Uthman, also called Sultan Abu al-Hasan, who was part of the Marinid dynasty and features a lovely courtyard surrounded by arcades with red-and-white bands at the base. It is a great place to have a break and relax before wandering around Grand Mosque.



Tangier's most iconic square, where locals and visitors meet, is the Grand Socco; a mark between the new city's end and the Medina entrance. The borders are lined with cafes where you can lay back, enjoy traditional tea and see locals walking at the exact point where new and old Tangier meet.

Later on, you can visit Petit Socco in the heart of Medina. This place is thought to be one of Morocco's most important marketplaces. Petit Socco is a very bohemian area that provides visitors with a choice of traditional shopping and excellent Moroccan food or mint tea.

After the sightseeing and the city exploring, relax at Tangier's beach, which is quite easy to reach as it is right in the center of the town. Enjoy the golden sand, calm waters, and have some fun choosing your beloved watersport activity. Seafood restaurants can be found nearby, so try some local delicacies while having a cold drink or refreshment.

Close the day at the famous Cinema Rif, located in the Grand Socco, an old movie theatre, where you can spend some time enjoying both alternative and mainstream films. At the movie theatre, there is also a very popular among young locals and artists cafe.

Wandering for even more adventure? You can catch the ferry to Algeciras from the Tanger-Med port and enjoy the Andalusian coast cities' vibes even on a one-day trip to Spain!