Tetouan, information about this popular destination in Morocco by the AFRICA MOROCCO LINK company.


A city full of Andalusian charm

An old city with a new soul

Tetouan, a Moroccan city, located in the north, near Tangier, is one of the most charming cities in Morocco, known for its historical culture and buildings dating back to the 15th century. Its name comes from Tettawen which means "eyes”, It was once a stronghold for the Spanish forces during their occupation of the city, which led to the emergence of a unique architectural style that combined Islamic Andalusian architecture and Christian architecture with routes in Europe.

Tetouan has something for everyone… so whether you're interested in history or just want to soak up the sun on the beach, this city has a charm that attracts every traveller.



Like any traditional Moroccan city, one of the most popular sights in Tetouan is the ancient Medina. Tetouan's Medina, the walled old city, is a maze of twisting streets and alleyways lined with palaces, mosques, markets and shops. It's been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1997 due to its unique architecture that combines Andalusian influence with Moroccan traditions. It has retained its authentic Andalusian soul, making this town the most Hispano-Moorish influenced of Moroccan cities. Strolling through the Medina, you may find many artist workshops, restaurants, shops, old buildings, and historical monuments.

A few streets away from the picturesque Medina, you can find the city's Archaeological Museum constructed in 1943. Its exhibits are dedicated to the pre-historic and the pre-Islamic times of Morocco. The collections of the Tetouan Archaeological Museum are mostly connected to the area's archaeology research and excavations undertaken in the northen Morocco in the 1930s onwards. Within the walls of the museum itself or in the garden surrounding it, you will discover mosaics, vases and everyday objects, remains of a Phoenician city.

As for contemporary art culture, the former neo-Arabic railway station of Tetouan was converted into a Modern Art Centre. Once you step inside the castle-like walls, you'll find five exhibition rooms showcasing a permanent collection of the finest contemporary art and sculpture from all over Morocco.



Tetouan is divided into two parts; the Medina and the new town also called the “Ville Nouvelle”. In the Medina, you can find the souks, the traditional street market where you can find everything, from local goods to clothes, local textiles or ceramic work and goldsmith-handcrafted jewelry. Do not miss the chance to visit the traditional hammam in the Medina, which is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience.

The new era of the city with the big square of Place Hassan II is the actual meeting spot. Try a relaxing mint tea or traditional Moroccan cuisine at the Ville Nouvelle.

Finally, do not miss a visit to the nearby beaches! The entire coast that surrounds Tetouan is full of long golden sand beaches, with many water activities to choose from! Have a nice time at Tetouan!